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1.1 free download. Download aserenity themes package including gtk2, metacity, icon, window-switcher, audio, and more. This package contains three gtk2 themes - Arienity, Ateria, and Arozion and one metacity theme. Free german windows 10 patch for amd.2-Dimensional Imaging 2-Dimensional Imaging is a three-piece American nu metal band from Los Angeles. The band consists of Rich Heitmann (vocals), A.K.D. (guitar), and Joshua Carmichael (drums). History Formation (2005–2007) The band was initially formed in 2005 by Rich Heitmann, A.K.D., and Joshua Carmichael. The band has released two demos: "I'm Fucking You" and "Melancholy". "I'm Fucking You" was recorded in a basement with only a four track recording to the chorus of MGMT's song "Kids" for their very first release titled "Kids" which was released via Big Hollywood Records. Kings of Dawn Records (2007–2011) In 2007, the band was signed to Kings of Dawn Records. The band's first record was a self-titled EP. Their major label debut album King of Dawn was released in November 2009, and their follow-up, Faster, was released in 2011. Musical style and influences They are one of the few nu metal bands to not be classified as a metalcore band, though they are connected to the genre. Their style of music is described as nu metal, industrial rock, alternative rock, dance rock, and gothic rock. They have been compared to bands such as Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linkin Park, and Sepultura. Their song "My Cause" (2009) is featured on the video game Brütal Legend. Members Rich Heitmann – lead vocals A.K.D. – guitar Joshua Carmichael – drums Discography Studio albums EPs Demos Singles Music videos References External links Official Website Official MySpace Kings of Dawn Records Category:American nu metal musical groups Category:American gothic metal musical groups Category:Heavy metal musical groups from California Category:Musical



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Gothic 2 Gold German Deutsch Patch gonzjav

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